Four Of PentaclesThe Four of Pentacles stands for possessiveness, control, and blocked change. The Four of Pentacles card signifies the desire to control, the desire to impose its will. A word of caution, though. Ensure that your need to control does not get out of hand. This can lead to creativity, as well as individual expression, being stifled. For the querent, the appearance of this card during a reading cautions him to ensure that he is careful about the level of control he wishes to exercise.

Of course, some control in most of the situations is necessary. A firm hand is required when situations turn chaotic. Control, however, does not mean that every move by others should be thwarted. The Four of Pentacles also means that change may be thwarted. There is every chance that change may be opposed, and people may wish to maintain a status quo. This opposition may even come from within yourself. You may wish to cling to familiar things and resist change, even when sure that it is the right thing to do.

Full control is impossible and people need to be able to determine their own paths. There is a need to avoid problems caused by possessiveness.

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