knight of pentaclesThe Knight of Pentacles stands for being unwavering, cautious, thorough, realistic, and hardworking . Where on the one side the Knight of Pentacles is hardworking, with tremendous stamina and high dedication, on the other hand, he is may be obsessive about little details, and is stubborn – refusing to give in even when proven wrong.

The Knight of Pentacles is prudent, never wasteful. He is aware of the facts, is very careful, and false promises do not affect him. The Knight of Pentacles is inflexible, does not like change of any kind, and sometimes can take the gloomiest view – a perfect pessimist, though he would call himself a realist.  

For the querent, the appearance of the Knight of Pentacles card is an indication that he has certain, if not all, aspects of the Knight. The querent needs to find out whether these aspects of the Knight of Pentacles are helpful, or harmful, for him. Is he working very hard (nose to the grind mill)? Does he refuse to listen to reason (stubborn)? Is he surrounded by an aura of gloom and doom (pessimism)?  These are indications that it is time to bring in balance, time to bring in certain changes.

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