page of pentaclesThe Page of Pentacles stands for being practical, being prosperous, being trusting and trustworthy, and having an effect. For the querent, the appearance of the Page of Pentacles card means that there are opportunities for being prosperous. He may get opportunities to experience wealth, comfort, trust, security, and for realizing his dreams. When such opportunities arise – act on them!

To be practical, the querent needs to take a realistic approach. He needs to stop daydreaming, find common sense solutions, and concentrate on effective approaches. Being prosperous mean enriching yourself. This is the time to grow and expand. This is the time to draw on your resources to meet with success that is yours. This is the time to seek abundance and become secure.

The appearance of the Page of Pentacles card is an indication for the querent to stick by his commitments. This is the time to have faith in others, accepting their word, and keeping his own word. This is the time to establish his own credibility, and prove that he is dependable.

This is the time when the querent must act on his dreams and ensure that his plans are realized. This is the time to set things in motion, and achieve results – tangible results.

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