seven of pentaclesThe Seven of Pentacles stands for assessment, reward, and change of direction. For the querent, the Seven of Pentacles card is a time-out card, a card asking him to go for an assessment. The image on the Seven of Pentacles card is that of a person who has worked hard, and has paused, taken some time out to admire the work accomplished. For him, this is the time to assess what he has achieved.

This is the time to catch his breath from the rush of activity. This is the time to assess his labors, and the rewards he expects from his labors. While busy in his endeavors, the querent must hardly have got time to reflect on the results of his labor. This is the time for him to check if the results are what he wants. This is the time to take stock of the situation, lest it gets out of hand. This is the time to ensure that his goals will be met.

The Seven of Pentacles card could be indicting whether a change of direction is required or not. This is not a card of finality. This is an in-between card, to pause and check your strategy.

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