Ten Of PentaclesThe Ten of Pentacles stands for affluence, permanence, and convention. This is seen in the image of the Ten of Pentacles card. The scene depicted is that of a market place in a village – with people carrying on their everyday existence. This is a sign for convention and permanence. A luxuriously robed older person, patting his dogs; a couple in conversation, and their child playing at their feet; coins all around - denoting affluence.

For the querent, the appearance of the Ten of Pentacles card is an indication that material success is his. This card exudes an aura of wealth and prosperity. This card is an indication that his latest ventures will turn out well – wealth and affluence are his for the taking.

The appearance of this card is also an indication to stick to conventions. This is the time to maintain the status quo, the time to sick to established norms, the time not to rock the boat. This is not the time to be radical, but the time to avoid changes of any kind and stick to known and trusted ways. 

The card advises permanence. This is the time for stability and secure foundations. This is the time to settle down.

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