Three Of PentaclesThe Three of Pentacles stands for teamwork, planning, and competence. If you happen to be on some impossible mission, this is the card to have. The Three of Pentacles is one of the three cards in a Tarot deck that focuses on the group, the others being the Three of Cups, and the Hierophant of the Major Arcana. For the querent, the appearance of the Three of Pentacles during a reading signifies that he will be successful if he takes the help of others to achieve his goals. This is the time when he does not need to do all by himself. To succeed, he needs to use a team that will work, with cooperation, towards a common goal.

This is not the time to rush headlong, but the time to plan and prepare, especially if you are vague about what you need to do. This is the time to think through the various possibilities. This is the time to do your homework, and work out the details.

Drawing the Three of Pentacles means you have the skills and knowledge required. You have the capability to create a conducive environment, but you need to be sure of your excellence.

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