two of pentaclesThe Two of Pentacles stands for flexibility, fun, and juggling. For the querent, the appearance of the Two of Pentacles in a reading informs him that he can take care of all the demands made on him; he will juggle with relish the excitement of all the obstacles. The card is the sign to you to believe in yourself, even if your level of confidence does not support the belief. You have the wherewithal to meet all challenges.

The figure on the Two of Pentacles is that of a young man juggling and dancing simultaneously. The two pentacles within the loop of infinity signifies that he can handle all problems and juggle his worldly concerns away. He can easily control the ups and downs of his life, as symbolized by the two ships in the background riding the waves.

The Two of Pentacles is a reminder to the querent to be flexible to prevail upon his difficulties. Forcing your way through is not going to work. Forego being rigid because, at times, the way forward is through a side step or a back step.

This high-energy card is a symbol of fun, and good times, but beware of over-stimulation.

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