Minor Arcana's Wands – The Numbered Cards (I)

Minor Arcana’s Wands are active and dynamic, and represent energy, inspiration, and creative force. They are considered less powerful than their counterparts – the Major Arcana cards, but are very important in the composite picture. The numbered cards are from Ace to Ten.

Ace Of Wands – It stands for creativity, enterprise and potency. It also represents enthusiasm, confidence, and courage. For the querent, the card’s appearance means it is time to examine his life. It is time to be daring and brave, and to risk to get what you need. It is the time to seize the initiative, and assert your best. Trust your creative potential and achieve what you wish.

The Ace of Wands stands for individual power and fulfillment. Being also the card of creativity, it could influence and inspire you to be original. This could be your chance to trust your potential, and reach for the sky – there is no end to your achievements.

Two Of Wands – It stands for planning and preparation. Power is the major issue, and with the appearance of this card, check out your goals and activities, and ensure you are using your powers wisely. This is the time to be daring and inventive, bold and creative. This is the time to use your powers in a worthwhile and positive way, with amazing results. This is the time to let yourself go and wait for the results.

The querent must not let the intoxication of power overcome his good senses. The power must not blind him to his intentions and goals. The power of the Two of Wands must serve some worthwhile purpose. He must use it to mold his environs positively.

Three Of Wands – It stands for opportunity. It also represents exploration, foresight, and leadership. The appearance of the card means it is time to stand back and reconsider, and not react to the heat of the moment. It is the time to dream beyond the current limitations – like a visionary. The Three of Wands is also a card of exploration. It encourages you to move freely and fearlessly into unexplored areas.

You should take a long view of things and be confident in your vision. Explore new areas fearlessly. Do not set your sights too near. Behave like a true leader and show the way.

Four Of Wands – It stands for prosperity and partnerships, and represents events that generate excitement, such as celebrations of birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. The Four of Wands also stands for freedom, which can take many forms. For the querent, who draws the Four of Wands during a reading, the breaking of physical, emotional and mental bonds also brings in an era of new personal growth.

The energy of the Four of Wands can help you out of your restrictions, and take you into a new path of freedom. The excitement attributed to the Four of Wands varies from person to person, but the underlying feelings remain the same. 

Five Of Wands – It stands for scuffles, strife, and challenges. Nothing seems to be flowing smoothly, and it seems everything is against you. It seems nothing is coordinated, everyone is working at cross-purposes, and the ride is going to get more and more bumpy. Of course, these are all small and irritating obstacles, and there are no major blocks.

If you wish to accomplish anything, the keywords are perseverance, and exercising some extra patience. The appearance of the Five of Wands card may look to the querent as if everything is going against him. For him, it is the representation of a very bad day – full of petty and minor hassles.

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