Eight Of SwordsThe Eight of Swords stands for restriction, confusion, and powerlessness. For the querent, the appearance of the Eight of Swords in a reading of Tarot cards means that he may already be in, or may be heading towards, a situation where he has no choice, and lacks freedom for action. He would feel lost and without support, just as the woman depicted on the Eight of Swords card. The woman is blindfolded, tightly bound, and is caught in a prison formed by the surrounding swords. She is unaware where her security lies. The Eight of Swords card is representative of the times when the querent finds himself lost, confused, with no chance of help and relief.

This is the time when the querent feels restricted by circumstances. The time when he finds himself in an impossible situation, with no idea how it happened, and with no way out. He feels increasingly restricted, and the options seem to narrow down, and he feels completely stuck.

When you draw the Eight of Swords card, remember that choices are always available. Solutions may not come easily, but they do exist. All that is required is clarity of thought to take that first step towards a solution.

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