The King Of SwordsThe King of Swords stands for being intellectual, being analytical, being articulate, just, and ethical. His personality is a combination of the positive air energy of the Swords suit and the outward focus of a King. He is an intellectual, and can assimilate all kinds of information. He handles all situations fairly and honorably, and renders impartial and just decisions. He is quick to work out solutions, and is equally good in explaining them to others. He is highly ethical and is incorruptible, and expects others to live by the same standards.

The King of Swords has the ability to move forward by cutting through the confusion, and providing clarity. In this manner, he takes care of any, and all, chaotic conditions. He is quite eloquent and insightful.

For the querent, the appearance of the King of Swords card during the reading of Tarot cards is an indication for him to act the way the King might act. These actions involve thinking up a solution, communicating well, judging fairly, and telling the truth. What is required is an environment of honesty and high ethical standards. This is the time for the querent to be inspired by what the King of Swords stands for.

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