Knight Of SwordsThe Knight of Swords stands for being direct (blunt), authoritative (overbearing), incisive (cutting), knowledgeable (opinionated), and logical (unfeeling). On the one side, the Knight of Swords has a keen intellect, speaks clearly with authority, and is a master of logic, on the other side he can be tactless, convinced of his own superiority, and is not diplomatic at all. He can be relied on his analytical lucidity, and being irrelevant about feelings of others, does not tolerate stupidity.

On drawing the Knight of Swords card during a reading of Tarot cards, the querent needs to check whether he forces his views on others? Is the querent habitual of speaking his mind and getting into trouble? Does this trait make his colleagues critical of him? If yes, then maybe it is time to change these aspects of the Knight of Swords that are visible in him.

If on the converse side, the energy attributed to the Knight of Swords is missing, you may need to make certain changes. Check to see whether you are too emotional, you allow your heart rule your head, and are afraid to speak your mind? If so, switch over to the world of self-assurance and reason of the Knight of Swords.

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