page of swordsThe Page of Swords stands for being truthful, being just, using your mind, and having fortitude. For the querent, the appearance of the Page of Swords card means to inform that there is an opportunity for growth, albeit disguised as a dilemma or a problem. The Page of Swords is just a messenger that brings challenges; challenges that the querent may not relish.

By drawing the Page of Swords card, you are asked to accept these difficult circumstances and situations thrown at you. These need to be taken as trials and tribulations put in your way to test your mettle. Accepting and prevailing through these challenges make you resilient and stronger. Remember, in the face of these challenges, you need to use the tools of the Swords suit – honesty, reasoning, integrity, and fortitude.

At times, the Page of Swords is representative of a child, a young-at-heart adult. Under such circumstances, your interactions involve truthfulness, ethical behavior, or matters of the mind. Faced with the challenges of the Swords suit, the relationship may not be that easy.

When faced with the challenges offered by the Page of Swords, you may need to exercise your mind, especially where the situation is immersed in mental activities of different kinds.

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