The Queen Of SwordsThe Queen of Swords stands for honesty, astuteness, being forthright, being witty, and being experienced. Her personality is a combination of the positive air energy of the Swords suit and the inward focus of a Queen. The Queen of Swords admires honesty, is committed to truth, and tells you exactly as it is. She fully understands the good and the bad of the world, and is not easy to fool. She can easily analyze a situation, and can identify a tricky one coming at her. Her observations are straightforward and candid, and are not meant to be hurtful.

One of the traits of the Queen of Swords is her sense of humor. Along with it are her witty comebacks. She has no interest in lies, and tricks and has a marked lack of pretense.

On the appearance of the Queen of Swords card, the querent needs to think and feel like her. The first and foremost is to be completely honest. You need to figure out what is going on, and ensure that you are not letting yourself be fooled. You may need to see humor in any situation you are facing, and ensure that you are inspired by her special energy.

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