seven of swordsThe Seven of Swords stands for running away, lone wolf style, and hidden dishonor. The Seven of Swords represents someone who has secret and solitary plans. For the querent, the appearance of this card is a sign that he, or someone connected with him, wants to be a ‘lone wolf.’ A lone wolf is someone who runs alone and free, acting totally on his own. This is a card that involves separation from others. The person drawing this card during a reading is the type who solves problems with his own wit and resources.

The querent may be a person who feels he is successful and effective when on his own. He wishes to ignore the fumbling efforts of the ineffectual group, and wishes to assert his independence. This style of working in isolation only works for some, as most people need to have a commitment from others to be effective and productive.

The appearance of the Seven of Swords could also signify that the querent is running away from commitments, from responsibilities. There is a need to face what needs to be faced, head on. One just cannot wish the problems away. Procrastination does not work and there is a need to deal with the problems.

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