six of swordsThe Six of Swords stands for the blues, recovery, and travel. This card, at times, represents a dull and listless state – the blues. Things are not really right, but neither are they seriously wrong. Life, in general, seems uninteresting. Things just seem to be getting by, and nothing seems to be thriving.

The appearance of the Six of Swords may also indicate recovery, especially if you have experienced rough times. In troubled times, nothing matters at all. You just feel numb and disconnected. As times goes by, you begin to pick up the pieces of your life, as you begin to recover. At times, recovery may mean moving to new places. The Six of Swords card also represents travel, and moving to new places. This would normally mean a change of place, a physical relocation. However, this may be far from the truth. The travel, the move could only indicate an inner journey, a journey from one frame of mind to another.

The appearance of the Six of Swords could also entail avoiding the blues, the pits of despair. The pits could only be a slight depression. The card could mean moving to a more positive place, to more hopeful conditions.

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