Ten Of SwordsThe Ten of Swords stands for martyrdom, victim mentality, and bottoming out. When the Ten of Swords appears in a Tarot reading, it is one of the signs that the querent has hit rock bottom. After going through one setback after another, the appearance of this card may indicate the life has thrown its last punch, and the querent can expect things to turn around for the better. The Ten of Swords card also makes an appearance when the querent feels the whole world is picking on him.

This is the victim mentality, the persecution complex, the feeling that everyone is out to make your life as difficult as possible. This is when you feel that everything is hopelessly and unfairly dished out by fate.

The appearance of the Ten of Swords card is an indication that the querent enjoys playing the martyr. Something like telling everyone to have fun, while he is sitting with his ‘burdens.’ This is akin to making ‘sacrifices’ but with strings attached.

The Ten of Swords is an indication of a sad event. This is the time to check your attitude, as now is the time when things will start to pick up.

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