Two Of SwordsThe Two of Swords stands for blocked emotions, avoidance, and stalemate. For the querent, the appearance of the Two of Swords is a reminder that he is not willing to accept some truths about himself, or about some situation he may be involved in. It tells him that he has put up barriers between himself and others, and also within himself. He is behaving exactly like the figure on the Two of Swords card, where the woman has put a barrier of swords across her heart. This symbolizes her struggle to keep her feelings within herself, and fending off outside approaches.

This is the time to stop avoiding looking at the truth and pretending that all is well. This is the time to stop blocking off your internal emotions and refusing to feel them. This is the time to stop thinking in one direction and feeling in another direction.

When you draw this card during a reading, stop to think what you really are feeling. Are you resisting because you think you may get hurt? Are you furious internally, even though you are outwardly smiling? Putting up barriers is not the solution. The solution comes once you face the truth, even to acknowledge that trouble exists.

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