eight of wandsThe Eight of Wands represents quick action, conclusion, and news. The wands on this card are an indication of action, and the effects of that action. Normally, before we act, we think about it, we imagine, contemplate, talk and dream. We, then, decide to put our ideas into action. For the querent, the Eight of Wands is a sign for him to declare his intentions. Everything is ready for him, as long as he puts them in motion. As long as he does not hesitate, and strikes while the iron is hot!

Once in motion, the events will proceed rapidly forward, and soon he will see how he and his plans have fared. As the Eight of Wands also stands for news, he may receive some important news, maybe in a disguised form. Therefore, for a short while, he needs to be alert to everything that comes his way.

As the Eight of Wands signifies not only putting things into motion, but also conclusion, the appearance of this card may mean that all activities may have run their course, and are coming to a close. It may be a time to conclude the old and move on to something new.

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