Five Of WandsThe Five of Wands represents disagreement, competition, and hassles. For the querent, the Five of Wands stands for when everything seems to be going against him. It represents a no good, a very bad day. He stubs his toe going to the bathroom; when in the shower, he finds there is no soap; he spills coffee on his shirt, at breakfast; he finds the car battery dead. It is one of those days. Petty minor hassles that are so infuriating.

It is the time when you feel everything is against you – nothing seems to go smoothly, everything seems at cross-purposes. Just like the figures on the Five of Wands, everything is uncoordinated, everyone battling each other. For the querent, this is the time for a bumpy ride. The card represents small irritating obstacles that will require him to exercise that little bit of extra patience, that little perseverance to accomplish things.

Other than hassles and disagreements, the card also stands for competition. In the right circumstance, competition is all right. It generates the encouragement to do the best. For the querent, it is the time to check for competition from rivals – rivals who may be opposing or challenging your position.

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