four of wandsThe Four of Wands stands for celebration, freedom, and excitement. The excitement is the excitement of the little child – which still exists in all adults, waiting to come out. It is the excitement of the child upon seeing his birthday cake lit with candles, it is the excitement of the child waiting for his turn on the roller coaster. For the querent, the appearance of the Four of Wands is the time for events and experiences that generate excitement. Of course, the events and experiences will vary, from individual to individual, but the underlying excitement, the feelings, are the same.

The events of excitement and celebration could be unexpected, and come as a surprise. At times, the appearance of the Four of Wands could represent planned celebrations – such as a wedding, an anniversary, etc. These events and celebrations leave you with a joy of living.

The Four of Wands also stands for freedom – which can take any form. This could be the time to break your bonds – physical, mental, or emotional – and move onwards towards a new period of growth and joy. Break your shackles and launch yourself into freedom, away from all restrictions and the feeling of being trapped.

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