knight of wandsThe Knight of Wands stands for being charming (superficial), self-confident (cocky), daring (foolhardy), adventurous (restless), and passionate (hot-tempered). Where on one side, the Knight of Wands is full of energy, and may never be afraid to try new things, on the other hand, he seems to be too sure of himself, and his abilities. Although others may be baffled by his crazy stunts, his courage and passion are still admired. The Knight of Wands tends to be shallow, and one cannot expect deep commitment from him. He is reckless and irresponsible and acts without thinking. This gets him into trouble.

The querent needs to find out whether the Knight’s energy is helpful, or wanting. If you are dealt this card, check to see whether your confidence is really cockiness, or what? Do you feel angry and impatient all the time? If this style of the Knight is evident, you probably need to balance. It may be a time for a change, instead of rushing into something risky without any preparation.

If you are missing the Knight’s energy, you may need to try something new. If you have been working hard, maybe it is time to go and have some fun.

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