nine of wandsThe Nine of Wands stands for defensiveness, perseverance, and stamina. For the querent, the appearance of the Nine of Wands may be a warning sign to proceed with caution, as there is every possibility of being hurt – either physical or mental. A look at the figure on the Nine of Wands card will show that he has been through certain battles. The figure is bandaged on his head and arm, and is supported by a crutch. He may be hurt, but is not down, He is still standing! Because he is hurt, he may become defensive.

Defensiveness is natural, if you have been hurt, but the trick is not to be bitter. You now need to be more watchful. As you have been through travails, you have become strengthened as well. Strength and stamina are other aspects of the Nine of Wands. As a fighter, you need to be tough and have the inner stamina to persist, come what may. This is the spirit of this card.

This is what the Nine of Wands tells the querent. Keep on going despite all odds. Do not give up, whatever the opposition. You have within you the strength to overcome all odds.

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