seven of wandsThe Seven of Wands represents aggression, defiance, and conviction. For the querent, the appearance of this card is about taking a stand – an act that will change the energy flow for good or for bad. Most of the time, events carry everyone forward, along with the flow. At times, people want to resist, and change the course of the flow entirely. On taking a stand, the querent starts an energy of resistance. If he becomes aggressive, his opponent becomes defiant. Aggression and defiance are both represented by the Seven of Wands, as two sides of the same coin. The querent attacks; his opponent defends. When he counter attacks, the querent defends.

If you are dealt the Seven of Wands, you could be involved in a conflict. Some conflicts may be worth fighting, others are just trouble. You need to check if it is worthwhile fighting, if it will serve your purpose. Then only, you need to defend your position by being bold and aggressive. Otherwise, let the conflict go. Fight only if it is worth fighting, even if you have invested time and energy in it.

If your cause is just, stand by your convictions, as indicated by the Seven of Wands.

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