three of wandsThe Three of Wands stands for exploration, foresight, and leadership. When the Three of Wands appears, it is time for the querent to take the long view of things – just as the figure on the card standing on a cliff, looking at the distant mountains across the sea. From atop the cliff – from that great height - the figure sees all that lies ahead. This card represents vision. With vision, the querent increases his range, removes himself from the immediate environs, becomes detached, and gains perspective.

The card tells the querent not to react to the heat of the moment, but to step back and reconsider. The appearance of the card tells the querent to be a visionary, to dream beyond his current perspectives, to look at the greater picture. It could be an indication of things to come.

For the querent, the appearance of the Three of Wands is an indication to be confident in his vision, and lead others to it. After all, taking a long view of things is also an aspect of leadership. The Three of Wands also represents exploration. Explore, but with full awareness. It is the time to step out into new areas – fearlessly.

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