Of a deck of 78 Tarot cards, 56 of them are the Minor Arcana cards. The Minor Arcana cards of Tarot are considered less powerful than the Major Arcana cards – of which there are 22. The Minor Arcana cards are still very important even if they do not carry the same weight as the Major Arcana cards. They chart the ups and downs of the querent’s daily life and register changes in feelings and thoughts. These feelings and thoughts are fascinating while they occur, but as new concerns take their place they pass away.

The Minor Arcana cards show how a querent will react to a given circumstance. These cards are divided into four suits – Wands, Pentacles, Cups, and Swords. Each suit of the Minor Arcana cards is attributed with its own area of influence. Each suit, further, has Court and Numbered cards. The Court Cards are: Page, Knight Queen, and King.

Page Of Wands – This card considers spiritual concepts. For a querent, the appearance of the Page of Wands may suggest of an imminent opening. The opening may excite you, feed your talents, or dare you to be great. This is a time to grab such a chance and act on it.

Depending on the accompanying cards, at times, the Page of Wands may further imply that the entire circumstance is immersed in the spirit of excitement and adventure. This is when you, as a querent, need to express yourself with abandon. Again, depending on the circumstance, the Page of Wands can also suggest a presence of a young-at-heart adult, or a child, with whom you would interact. Such interactions may involve independence, high energy, risky behavior, or shared enthusiasms.

Knight Of Wands – This card delivers spiritual messages. For the querent, the appearance of the Knight of Wands may suggest that you, or someone else connected with the situation, or the atmosphere in general, has a confident and a passionate style – just as the Knight of Wands does. The only thing to check is whether this ‘energy’ of the Knight is helpful, or otherwise. Is it confidence you feel, or is it cockiness? Are you, or your company, rushing into something without preparation, which could be risky? This could be a time for a change, a balance.

If this ‘energy’ is missing, then it may be the time to try something new. Maybe, have some fun. The Knight of wands could be an indication to go for some adventure, some excitement, some risk.  

Queen Of Wands – The Queen of Wands channels spiritual energy. For the querent, the appearance of this card may suggest that you be wholeheartedly adventurous, creative and trusting. You need to feel and think as the Queen of Wands does – attractive, full of energy, self-believing, etc. In fact, shake off those blues, and be gung-ho about life. The card means you need to create an atmosphere of cheerfulness and confident enthusiasm. This is the time to be inspired by what the Queen of Wands stands for.

King Of Wands – This card generates spiritual energy. For the querent, the appearance of this card indicates that it is the time to be inspired by what the King of Wands stands for. The King of Wands is a forceful and an imposing leader. He is hardworking and focused in everything he does. This card means it is time for you to lead the way, take risks, and make a splash, etc. You can let yourself be inspired by the King of Wands and do exciting, daring and dramatic things. Utilize the special energy of the King of Wands. 

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