The Tarot is a means for illuminating what might be going on beneath the surface of your life. What hidden disturbances may be disrupting your peace of mind? What unexpected beauty or good fortune may be beginning to manifest for you? Imagine that Tarot cards serve as a kind of mirror for your hidden inner landscape. You can also use the cards to uncover and explore normally hidden aspects of your relationship with your partner. In such a case, it’s as if you’re both standing in front of the mirror witnessing reflections of self and other as well as of the relationship as a whole.

You and your partner should both feel comfortable ahead of time with using the cards in this way in order to derive a beneficial experience from it. It can be helpful at times to approach the Tarot in a spirit of play. Although the messages you receive may carry warnings, a lighthearted attitude will still allow you to be more receptive to what’s being communicated. Like dreams, Tarot cards will often relay their messages with humor and paradox. Approach them with an open mind and a willingness to let them speak to you in their own way. It’s also a good idea to lend your reading a ceremonial flavor by dimming the lights or lighting candles, minimizing noise, and maybe burning incense for added ambiance.

Begin by sitting down facing each other. Mix the cards and fan them out, face down, between you. It can be helpful to take a little time with this step, and let your own energies resonate with those of the cards. Then draw three of them. The first card represents your partner, the second represents yourself, and the third represents your relationship to your partner. As you go along, your partner will draw the same sequence of cards. This will illustrate the same interpersonal dynamic, but from his or her point of view. Once everything’s been drawn, take turns turning your cards over one by one.

Keep in mind that any negative cards that you’re confronted with can actually offer you valuable opportunities to work through problems and communicate with each other. After all, the cards are reflecting disturbing influences that have already been present – perhaps for a long time – though they were invisible to the both of you. Once you’re aware of these areas of misunderstanding or conflict, you can begin to work on them. The images and messages within the Tarot aren’t intended to chastise us but rather to bring us clarity. Intuition should be your first guide when you look at your cards. Be aware of your initial feeling response, before you even open the booklet and read the card description. Depending upon the cards that you’ve drawn, your gut responses may affirm the strength of your relationship or they may point to areas that need work.

Allow some time afterwards for the both of you to process what you’ve learned. This can inspire some heart-to-heart conversation, if you let it. Tarot cards can quite eloquently touch upon the real core issues of a relationship, revealing the beauty that you share and also the challenges that you may have to face together. Once the reading is over, it’ll be up to you to make use of what you’ve been shown.

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