Many a times, after the cards have been shuffled and dealt, some turn up reversed in a spread. Different readers feel differently about these reversed cards in the spread. Some readers think that the meanings are exactly opposite of what they mean upright. This may work to some extent, but not always. Some feel there are more subtle meanings to the reversed cards in a spread. Readers find their own way and do what feels right to them. Many readers follow the rules and read the cards as they come, whereas many use their intuition, get a ‘feel’ and a ‘sense’ of what the cards mean. To them it does not matter whether the cards are upright or reversed.

It is up to the reader how he wants to deal with the reversed cards turning up in his spread. Some treat reversed cards as if they were upright. Others feel there is a need to understand the deeper meanings offered by card reversals. Many feel that reversed cards do not necessarily mean negative meanings. Only, they provide you with more information on the issue in hand.

Interpreting Reversed Cards

Many readers consider the appearance of a reversed card in their spread a minor miracle of sorts, something that needs special attention. In most cases, the readers orient their cards upright in their decks, and so a reversed card demands immediate attention. Certain readers wish to read reversed cards in their spread, and so leave a number of cards reversed in their deck. It all comes down to the individual reader’s preference.

Many readers focus on the spread in front of them to get the ‘feel’ before a reading. If they see any reversed cards in the spread, they look at their orientation – that is past, present, or future. The position of the reversed card in the spread may be of importance. If the position of the card reflects the past, it could be representing something the Querent may be distancing himself from, moving away from. This needs to be interpreted in conjunction with the card of the present. This to see if the Querent is ‘actually’ moving away.

If the reversed card is in the present orientation, the reader may need to read in conjunction with the cards of the past and the future. The card of the future will show how the reversed energy will manifest in the future – if no actions are taken. The reversed card in the present orientation needs to be addressed and not ignored.

If the orientation of the reversed card is in the future, there is a need to look at the present to see how the reversal in the future can be avoided. The reversed energy of the future can be changed, unless the reversed card is a Major Arcana card. Here, the Querent may not be able to input much into the present to help resolve the future.

Reversed cards of the Major Arcana will have an impact that will be longer lasting, whereas reversed Minor Arcana cards will have a lesser impact.

Every card of the Tarot deck has its own manifestation of energy. As the energy of each card is affected by the energy of the cards surrounding it in the spread, they are read in conjunction. Many readers see energies of the reversed cards manifesting themselves as:

· Blocked energy - by the Querent or by the circumstances

· Mirror Effect – Querent’s energy, but being projected on someone else

· Unavailable energy - needed, but not currently available

· Unconscious energy – not known to the Querent

· Incompletely manifested energy

· Shadow energy - catalyzing shadow issues within the Querent

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