Tarot Reading – The Various Spreads (II)

Tarot readers lay the cards out in any one of the varieties of ‘spreads’ or layouts, prior to reading. For different situations and circumstances, sometimes, readers use different layouts. The most popular layout for Tarot reading is the Celtic Cross layout. Many Tarot readers use this spread for their readings, among other layouts, such as the Cabalistic Spread, the Daily Spread, and the Clarification Spread. These layouts are not exhaustive, and there are many other spreads in use, as well. These are The Astrological Spread, The 7 Card Spread, The 16 Card Spread, Planetary Answering Spread, and The Thoth Spread, among some others.

A brief look at two of these alternate spreads:

The Astrological Spread – This is a 13-card spread, including the Significator card. Each card is read and interpreted independent of the other cards. For further in-depth reading, four cards are dealt per position. They are dealt either, four cards per position at a time, or four times round the spread. This depends on the tarot reader, and what he feels at that particular time.

The layout is spread around the Significator card. #1 card is laid at the left of the Significator card, with cards 2 and 3 below card 1. Card 4 is laid below the Significator card. The next five cards, numbering 5 to 9 are laid vertically at the right of the Significator card, with 5 at the bottom and sequentially going up to card number 9. This will put the card number 7 directly to the right of the Significator card. The card number 10 goes above the Significator card, and the cards 11 and 12 are laid above card number 1, with card number 12 directly above card number 1, and number 11 above card 12.

Cards 1 to 12 stand for the Zodiac signs from Aries to Pisces, respectively. Card 1 represents current problems, along with mood, and disposition. Card 2 represents the querent’s financial situation. Card 3 represents travel and communication. Card 4 represents home life, including siblings and parents. Cards 5 and 6 represent pleasures, and health, respectively. Card 7 stands for marriages and partnerships. Card 8 stands for inheritances and deaths, whereas Card 9 represents philosophy, religion, and dreams. Cards 10 and 11 represent career and friends, respectively, whereas card 12 represents restrictions, and secret fears of the querent.

The 7 Card Spread – This layout is great for asking a simple question about what is required to be done, in any given circumstance. The deck is shuffled, and spread out as a fan. Any seven cards, face down, are drawn out. These seven selected cards are shuffled again and laid out in an Ellipse formation (a ‘V’ of seven cards). Starting from card 1, lay out four cards diagonally downwards to the right. From card four, lay the next three cards diagonally upwards, forming an Ellipse. The middle of these three cards is card number 5, and the card just above card 4 is card 6, with card 7 at the top of the ‘V’. For interpretation:

Card 1 – This card represents the past, and stands for that which is coming to an end.

Card 2 – This is the card that represents the present of the querent.

Card 3 – This card represents the future, and stands for that which is beginning.

Card 4 – This card tells the querent what to do. It represents the path the querent is supposed to take.

Card 5 – It represents outside influences that could be helpful or harmful.

Card 6 – It represents hopes and fears of the querent.

Card 7 – This card stands for the final outcome.

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