Tarot Reading – The Various Spreads (III)

In addition to the most popular Celtic Cross Spread, other layouts, too, are used by various Tarot card readers. It depends on the spread a particular reader wants to use. It also depends on the circumstances, as certain questions by the querent are general questions, and some very particularly asked. Here, we are looking at some more of the spreads used by the Tarot readers.

The Planetary Answering Spread. This is not an easy spread to read, though it may seem simple to look at. It is basically used as an Answering Spread, and gives an overall interpretation of the current situation. The Planetary Answering Spread is an eight card spread, including the Significator card – which is deliberately pulled from the deck, by either the reader or the querent. The spread is started with the Significator card and the remaining seven cards are laid in an elliptical manner, going clock-wise. These numbered cards represent different aspects related to the querent, and have the following meanings:

Card 1 – This position is the place of the Moon, and represents the matters related to the home.

Card 2 - This is the place of Mercury, and stands for matters related to business, skill, or deceit.

Card 3 – This card represents the place of Venus, and stands for (what else?) - love life.

Card 4 – This is the position of Mars, and represents matters related to that of enmity or adversity.

Card 5 – This position is the place of Jupiter. The card represents all matters of gain, expansion, and acquisition.

Card 6 – This card refers to matters of general restriction and intellect. This is the place of Saturn.

Card 7 – This card in the place of Mercury is the Answer Card.

Every card in this layout is read on its own merit. The reading is, of course, relative to what the cards stand for and represent. The number 2 card, which holds an answer to the immediate future, must be read and interpreted in the light of what the majority of the cards say. The cards can be read in pairs, as well. In such as case, cards 1 and 4, 3 and 5, and 6 and 7, are read in juxtaposition.

The 16 Card Spread. This is a 16 card spread, as the name implies, and includes the Significator Card. There is a special way of laying the cards, as is with most of the ‘spreads.’ Card #1 is placed on the Significator card. Cards 2 and 3 are to the left and right of Card 1, respectively. Cards 5 and 6 are respectively placed above and below Card 2, and Cards 4 and 7 are respectively placed above and below the Card 3. Card 8 goes to the right of Card 4, and Card 9 goes to the left of Card 5. In a similar manner, Card 10 goes to the left of Card 6, and Card 11 to the right of Card 7. Similarly, Cards 12 and 13 are respectively placed on the right and left of Cards 8 and 9. Now Cards 14 and 15 are placed respectively on the left and right of Cards 10 and 11.

The reading starts with Card 1, which represents the current situation. The other cards are read in this order:

Cards 2 and 3 for insight into the personality aspects.


Cards 14, 10, and 6 for background information.


Cards 7, 11, and 15, for influence of others.


Cards 4, 8, and 12, for progress, read in conjunction with Cards 7, 11, and 15.

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