Ace Of CupsThe Ace of Cups stands for emotional force, intuition, intimacy, and love. For the querent, the appearance of the Ace of Cups means that emotional awareness has come into his life, though at that particular moment he may not recognize it. This emotional awareness could take any form – an attraction, a strong feeling, sympathetic reaction, etc. It could also offer and opportunity, a gift, or an encounter. The Ace of Cups symbolizes deep feelings, intimacy, attunement, and love.

On drawing the Ace of Cups, check to see how its energy would work for you. Often, love is the essence, which may or may not be romantic love. Look to connect with other people. This is the time to forgive, or ask for forgiveness. This is the time to set your anger aside and look for peace, and to drop your reserve and let your feelings come to the fore. This is the time when your time is coming.

Cups being the suit of the heart, the Ace of Cups stands for direct knowledge that comes from the heart. This is the time for inner attunement and spirituality. This is the time to trust your feelings, and be guided in a new direction.

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