Ace Of PentaclesThe Ace of Pentacles stands for material force, prosperity, practicality, and trust. It signifies possibility where prosperity, abundance, trust, and security is concerned. For the querent, the appearance of the Ace of Pentacles in a reading means that a seed of productivity has been planted, though he may not yet be aware of it. This seed could sprout in any form - a need to focus on the results desired, a need to focus on matters that are practical, an offer of a gift, an opportunity, or something else.

If you happen to draw the Ace of Pentacles, it is time to examine how its energy could benefit you. It is the time to forego dreams, fantasies, and daring, and it is time for being practical. It is the time to make yourself feel secure by seeking reliable experiences. It is time to build trust in your life. It is time to focus on staying grounded with the help of your inherent common sense. It is time to enjoy your material existence.

The appearance of the Ace of Pentacles is a sign that you will be able to realize your dreams. It will help you figure out how to make it a reality.

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