Ace Of WandsThe Ace of Wands represents creative force, enthusiasm, confidence, and courage. For the querent, the appearance of this card may mean that the seeds of enthusiasm have been planted, though he may not yet have recognized the same. This enthusiasm could be in any form – a creative idea, a surge of optimism, or even a need to act boldly. This is the time for the querent to check out how the potent and confident energy of the Ace of Wands could work for him.

This could be the time to be daring and brave - the time to risk, trying to get what you want. Choose the way that excites you, and let go! This is the time to seize the initiative by its throat, push beyond your limits, and reach for the new heights. The Ace of Wands stands for individual power and fulfillment. This is the time for passion, the time to assert yourself for the best.

The Ace of Wands, being also the card of creativity, could influence and inspire you to invention. This is a chance to be original. This is the chance to trust your potential, and reach for the sky. There is no limit!

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