Although there are 78 cards in every Tarot deck, the 22 cards that make up the Major Arcana often capture the lion's share of the attention of both the Tarot reader and the querent. Known for representing major events in the querent's life, these cards offer insight and advice for tackling whatever issue the querent wishes to address. When you see a card from the Major Arcana in your reading, you know that something significant is going on behind the scenes.

A Story in a Deck

When laid out in order from The Fool to The World, the 22 cards of the Major Arcana tell the story of The Fool's journey through life. While he starts his journey full of innocence and trust in life and in people, he will eventually encounter experiences that educate him in the ways of the world which each card represents. What's true for The Fool is also true for all of us journeying through life. The Major Arcana cards are there to show us what we need to know.

Appearance in Layouts

Whether you see one Major Arcana card or several in a layout, pay close attention. These cards represent major events, both internal and external. For example, the Strength card may tell you that an event is on the horizon for which you'll need to dig deep and find the inner strength to handle it. The Devil may show himself when we're struggling with vices or when there's someone nearby who wishes us ill. The Hermit is often a signal that you need to take time out to be alone. He is often a suggestion to spend time in prayer or meditation. Listen closely when the cards of the Major Arcana appear. They're sending you a loud and clear message that a big event is impending.

Positions in Layouts

Since the position of each card in a Tarot layout has a specific meaning, you're not left to guess what the Major Arcana cards are trying to tell you. They typically make what you need to know abundantly clear. For example, when the Moon appears in the position that represents the factors surrounding your situation, you can be sure that deception is present in a big way. The Moon may be warning you to watch out for lies from others or may be a advising to you to practice truth in all of your dealings. When the Sun shows up in the final outcome position, you can rest assured that whatever situation you are addressing will have a happy outcome.

Multiple Major Arcana

The more Major Arcana cards that are present in a reading, the more significant the reading is. While one or two Major Arcana cards may signify that something is going on, several warn of a major, life-changing event. As you assess the reading, read each card in connection with its position in the layout and then take a closer look. How do the Major Arcana cards relate to one another? A reading that contains Death, the Lovers and the Chariot may warn you that a love relationship or partnership is coming to an end due to a reassessment or a physical move. Death signifies the end of the situation, the Lovers show that the relationship may be a romantic one or a close partnership and the Chariot often foretells a change of physical location or a trip.

While every card in the Tarot deck plays an important role when appearing in a reading, the cards of the Major Arcana are always attention getters. Whether they refer to an inner struggle that you're experiencing or some outer event, know that they are telling you that there's something big looming. Now all you have to do is get ready.

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