Tarot – Why Is Reading For Yourself Difficult ?

Many Tarot readers read for themselves as an integral part of their own personal and spiritual development. Those who do are able to recognize and relate all the positive and negative aspects of their spread, know their own strengths, and are able to improve the various areas of their lives. Yet, there are Tarot readers who find reading for themselves very difficult. There are various reasons for this, and they need to figure out why it is so happening.

Reasons And Their Solutions

Too Large A Spread – Is your spread too large? This will make things difficult, especially if you are in the beginning stages of learning. Start by pulling a single card. This will take care of information overload. Continue doing so daily, and gradually you will begin to understand, and come to know which cards show up more often, and how they are connected with your life.

Gradually increase to a three-card or a five-card spread. These will be more manageable than a larger spread, which will be difficult to read. Remember, when reading for yourself; use a deck you are familiar with or the one you are comfortable with. Leave reading with newer decks for later, and for easier situations.

· Not Giving A Thorough Reading – Reading problems are not only with beginners. Experienced readers, comfortable in the knowledge that they know, skim through their own readings and click off cards hurriedly, one after another. In this way, you tend to overlook the subtle meanings and interpretations of the cards. You tend to miss the meanings of the special symbol that may just be meant for you. There is a need to spend as much time for your own readings as you would for a querent. You, too, deserve the benefit of your own insight, and what better way than to pretend you are reading for a querent.

· Difficult Being Objective – This could be true, especially if you find a lot of reversed, or difficult cards, in your spread. Your protective tendency could take over and you might try to convince yourself that the cards make no sense. Your tendency to shuffle the cards back into the deck is not a surprising one. This is where you need to ‘fight’ off the desire to do so.

You, just like everyone else, probably have things you hide from yourself. While reading for yourself, these things could probably prop up. Your subconscious is trying to tell you things you probably do not want to hear. This is, at times, difficult to deal with, and you probably would avoid reading for yourself. You need to give yourself the same words of ‘wisdom’ you would to a querent in the same situation.

· Lack Of Confidence – As a beginner, it is a common problem that you would lack in confidence, and trust, in your own reading abilities. Do not think, even for a moment, that the cards that you have spread for yourself are wrong, skewed, or biased in any way. The cards are just fine; it is your interpretation of the cards that is biased!

Have faith! Your guides, your subconscious, or whatever, will choose the correct cards. The cards are right, always right. You only need time to interpret them correctly, and objectively.

Therefore, this is what you have to do. Start with a smaller spread of 3 to 5 cards. Trust that the cards you will select are the right cards, even if, at the beginning, you do not understand their meanings. Commit yourself to going through with your own reading, irrespective of whether the cards are positive or negative.

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