Of the many possible traditions of Wicca and magick one can follow without initiation or formal instruction, kitchen witchery is growing. This could be due to the increased emphasis on slow food, mindful consumption, local food, and other intentional meal production in society at large. Many people have realized how important food is to our health and how easy it is to make small changes that make a big difference to our energy.

Mindful consumption isn't just about the calorie content, nor is kitchen witchery about stirring cauldrons. The process of preparing meals is half of the magick of kitchen witchery, and for those who choose to follow this path, it can feel like the most natural next step in their spiritual practice.

Why preparing meals is magickal

For thousands of years, food has been a ritual and tradition in cultures worldwide. Preparing and sharing food is a way to bond and show solidarity, to care for those you love, and to make new friends or reunite with old ones when you drift apart or start a new phase of life. The energy of the food you consume is incorporated into your body after eating, and continues to affect your health and energy for days or weeks.

Rather than opening canned foods or heating up frozen meals, why not see if you can set aside a little time to prepare meals for yourself and your loved ones? This gives you the perfect opportunity to use focused intent and infuse your meals with practical magick.

How to start practicing

If you're interested in being a kitchen witch, rest assured you won't need any more tools, guidebooks, or teachers than you already have. The most important part of the tradition, like any, is your will and intent and what you choose to focus your practice on.

A great start is by both cleaning and cleansing your kitchen. Make sure dirty dishes are cleaned within the day, and your cupboards are organized. Keep your fridge stocked with fresh foods when possible, and make sure your countertops and stovetop are all clean. If you have a cluttered space, your energy will be cluttered, too. Feng shui is a great set of principles and guidelines to research for clutter-free, harmonious spaces.

Next, cleanse your kitchen through the ritual or method of your choosing. Some people like to recite words, ask deities for help, or use incense or candles to smudge the air. If you've had a lot of stress, negativity, or time pressure taking place in the kitchen as you try to prepare a meal on your way out the door, it's important to keep your kitchen clean in more than the physical sense!

Decorate for magick

If you're a closeted witch, you might not be able to put up pictures of goddesses and symbols, but you don't need to go to these lengths in order to decorate your kitchen for magickal purposes. Simply repainting can do a world of good for your magickal correspondences. For instance, why not take advantage of colors and prepare food in a kitchen painted green for prosperity, orange for the harvest, bright yellow for the sun's energy, or brown for stability? Whatever colors make you and your loved ones feel happy are excellent choices.

Of course, if you are in the position to decorate with more bold references to your spirituality, feel free to put up any artwork that represents kitchen witchery to you. It might not even be explicitly magickal; images of your favorite foods, pictures of friends and family, or quirky artwork can all brighten up your kitchen and make it a fun, exciting space to work your magick.

Working magick while cooking

Simple practices are easy to incorporate without adding much preparation time. If you're adding herbs and spices, take a moment to think about what they correspond to and adjust accordingly. Add a few herbs to your baked bread, which has long been a symbol of communion and prosperity.

While stirring a pot or bowl, stir in a deasil (clockwise) direction to attract, or widdershins (counter-clockwise) to repel, depending on what you most need right now. Visualize your intent and see your recipe as helping it to form from basic ingredients to completion, adding energy with every ingredient and preparation step.

Other ways to be a kitchen witch

Cooking is not the only focus of kitchen witchery. If you want to practice magick of the hearth and home, try focusing on joy and appreciation when you do chores, keeping a magickal garden for cooking or spellwork (even herbs in pots on a windowsill), or staying in touch with nature's cycles by cooking local foods that are in season.

A kitchen witch doesn't need to be taught formally how to practice; you're probably already working some magick without even realizing it. It's traditionally passed down through women in the family as a subtle form of spirituality, but you can be the first and only woman to practice in your family and simply teach yourself.

Make sure your kitchen is a source of love and laughter for your friends and family, nourishment for your loved ones, and healing for those around you. Take advantage of every moment, create and consume food mindfully, and feel genuine appreciation for what the earth gives you, and you can be a kitchen witch!

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