Manifesting Happiness With Magick: The Mind-Body Relationship

In a world obsessed with fitness, doing as many things with our body as possible (from client presentations to driving the kids to soccer with only a lunch meeting and five hours of sleep to fuel you), it's easy to forget about your mental health. It's still easier to buy into the “take a pill and keep on plugging” mindset that ignores other, better-rounded strategies.

You can achieve revolutionary happiness as soon as you start to recognize the relationship between your mind and your body. Magick is just a way of helping along that process.

Here's what you need to know about how magick can change your mind, keep your body healthy, and boost your happiness!

Daily meditation helps everyone.
Whether or not you practice magick on a regular basis, you can definitely benefit from meditating daily. Don't think you have to twist yourself into a human pretzel, either; simply sitting in a relaxed posture with your spine straight so you can breathe deeply is enough. To start with, focus on your breath and your surroundings, paying attention to the moment and acknowledging, then letting go of thoughts as they come up. If you want more in-depth instruction, take a look for meditation books, websites, or training sessions in your area.

Meditation helps you to boost your IQ, calm your thoughts, increase your mindfulness, increase emotional intelligence, and gets you in touch with your magickal side. You can learn far more about your own mind, energy, and soul in a few minutes of meditation than you can in a day of rushing around!

Incorporate bits of magick into daily activities.
If you don't have time for full-blown rituals and celebrations, try incorporating happiness magick into other activities. For example, while you make supper every night, you could think of things that made you happy, excited, or grateful that day. While you're at the gym improving your body, listen to a political or educational podcast and improve your mind, giving thanks for your blessings in the shower afterwards.

Doing magick a bit at a time can be more overt, too. You can pray in the shower if that's your only quiet time in the day, or honour the full moon by bringing moon cookies into your workplace, baked with magickal ingredients and love. Perhaps your trip to the mall could benefit from a quick prayer to your chosen deities that you'll find the items you need.

Seek out like-minded people.

Perhaps you are surrounded by people who don't practice magick or believe in it. This can be a drain on anyone's energy, especially one who is in tune with their surroundings. With too much negative energy nearby, stress and negative clutter can then build up in your own aura, often leading to physical aches and pains, a susceptibility to illness, and more.

Why not avoid the whole problem wherever possible? Even if people aren't magick practitioners, they can often send out good vibes instead of harmful ones if they're aware of the power of the mind. People who wallow in negative energy aren't worth being around if at all possible – it's rare that you can help them, because they need to help themselves first. In the meantime, they can seriously affect your health. Seek out people who will raise your thoughts!

Remember: magick involves hard work.

One of the most important rules of magick is that you can't sit back and let the magick do the hard work. The universe rewards those who help themselves and keep their eyes open for opportunities along the way. You won't get fit by praying to the gods to change your body type. On the other hand, you might be able to help yourself by meditating on the reasons you need to get fit, performing a spell to ask for your chosen deities' blessing, and then going to the gym!

The added benefit of hard work can't be overstated. If you're determined to improve your mind-body relationship and boost your happiness, you need to be prepared to take some concrete steps to change your situation and help the magick do its work.

We all could use a bit more happiness, a focus on a healthy mind and body, and some positive magick in our lives. Magick is a good way to help create change, so it's the perfect tool to use in combination with others for self-help. You can improve your life in small ways until you're happier and healthier than ever before!

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